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We at Webbzone are a web agency based in Halmstad. We offer websites at very favourable prices. However, don't let the prices fool you. With a background and education in visual design, we build websites that give a very professional and visually appealing impression.

We are also experts in search engine optimisation (SEO), and every website includes basic SEO work. Having a nice looking website is one thing, but with the help of search engine optimisation we make sure that people can actually find your website.

  • Website in WordPress

    We build modern, visually appealing and mobile-friendly websites in WordPress using great UX, design and development. Are you interested in why every business should have a website? We tell you exactly why and explain the process of creating a website - from idea to finished product. Read more about why you should get a website today!

  • Search engine optimisation

    Having a state-of-the-art, fresh website without search engine optimisation is like having a brand new car without fuel. It sits there looking beautiful, but it's not going anywhere. Without SEO, your website won't start climbing Google's search results.Read more about search engine optimisation here - it's good to understand the importance of SEO and why you should have it.

Who is Webbzone?

We are a creative web agency and our goal is to grow your business. We are a happy bunch with the aim of creating a long-term and sustainable working relationship that benefits us both. We all specialise in certain individual areas which makes us a versatile web agency. We don't just build websites but offer complete solutions where we can, for example, create your company's unique graphic profile, then use this graphic profile as a basis for the creation of your website. Aside from a visually appealing website and graphic profile, some technical knowledge and understanding of Google's algorithms is required to rank high in Google's search results. This is called search engine optimisation, which we are experts in and which is part of our comprehensive solutions.


One Web Agency - One Contact

We strive to make it easy to work with us as a web agency. We take care of the entire digital part. As a customer with us, you are not thrown around between different contact persons. We manage your website, search engine optimisation, domain management and everything else required to strengthen your digital presence.

If you are interested in seeing previous works we have done, you can find some of them in our work.

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